The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Past Events

11/3 Book Club Meeting
11/5 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
11/7 W2W Thanksgiving Dinner
11/8 Seth Kirschenbaum Diversity Award-Jamala McFadden
11/10 GABWA Foundation Community Health Fair
11/10 Gate City Bar Hall of Fame Gala
11/11 Sister 2 Sister Meeting
11/13 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting
11/13 GABWA/AKA Chapter Advocacy Event
11/15 GABWA General Body Meeting & Elections: Life Hack: Finding Your Way, Business Development, Career and More
11/16 Solo/Small Firms: Setting Your Practice Up for Success
11/28 Trial Masters Bootcamp
11/29 5th Thursday CLE

10/2 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
10/12 Law Student Scholarship Applications Due
10/13 GABWA Day of Action Stacey Abrams
10/13 Sister 2 Sister Meeting
10/17 JPOA Graduation
10/17 PDA Graduation
10/18 GABWA General Body Meeting – SBOG-The Cost of Perfection
10/19 Advocacy For Action-Empowerment Summit
10/21 AIDS Walk Atlanta
10/21 GABWA Book Club Meeting
10/27 Sister to Sister MeetingGABWA Foundation Scholarship Interviews/Board Meeting

9/4 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
9/8 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-#S2SCodes
9/14 National HBCU Pre-Law Summit
9/16 Membership Yoga
9/20 GABWA General Body Meeting-Alternative Legal Careers-How to Become an Arbitrator
9/22 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-College Tour
9/23 Blue Jeans Brunch
9/27 Stacy Abrams Fundraising Reception
9/27 The State Bar of Georgia Diversity Program 26th Annual Fall CLE and Luncheon
9/28 Black Law Students Retreat

8/3 Macon Judicial Brunch and Learn
8/3 Gate City Bar GABWA Judicial Reception
8/3 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-Sister Talk
8/3 GABWA General Body Meeting (Albany Region)
8/4 GABWA CLE Trip Kick-off Dinner
8/7 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
8/10 GABWA CLE Trip
8/11 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-Let’s Move!
8/14 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting
8/30 Fifth Thursday CLE-Labor and Employment

7/2 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting
7/3 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
7/6 Mass Swearing In-Fulton County
7/11 Mentor Program W2W
7/14 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-To Whom Much is Given
7/17 Legal Writing Workshop
7/19 GABWA General Body Meeting-DYNAMIC DISRUPTORS
7/21 Annual Glitter Gala & Auction
7/26 Women in IP Luncheon- GABWA IP Section
7/31 Legal Writing Judicial Reception

6/3 Membership Mixer-Paint Party
6/4 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting
6/5 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
6/5 GABWA Writing Workshop
6/8 State Bar of Georgia Annual Meeting/CLE
6/12 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting
6/16 GABWA Book Club Meeting
6/19 GABWA Writing Workshop
6/23 Sister 2 Sister Meeting-Summer Book club/Who Am I Workshop
6/24 Cascade UMC Law Day

5/1 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
5/2 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting
5/3 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting
5/5 DLA Scholarship Breakfast
5/15 GAWL Annual Dinner
5/19 AVLF/GABWA Saturday Lawyer
5/22 Writing Workshop CLE
5/26 Sister 2 Sister Meeting

4/2 Women2Women Mentoring Committee Meeting
4/3 GABWA Executive Board Meeting
4/4 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting
4/6 Governor’s Candidate Forum
4/11 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting
4/12 GABWA Professional Development Academy 10th Anniversary Celebration
4/12 PDA 10th Anniversary Dinner
4/12 Sister 2 Sister Meeting
4/19 GABWA General Body Meeting
4/19 SBOG Diversity Program Business Symposium

MARCH (Women History Month)
3/3 Leadership Retreat and March Board Meeting SBOG
3/7 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting Baker Hostetler
3/8 World Affairs International Women’s Day Breakfast-GABWA Table Westin Hotel Buckhead
3/10 Sister 2 Sister Meeting Fulton County Juvenile Court
3/13 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting Baker Hostetler
3/15 SBOG YLD Spring Meeting Kimpton Hotel Nashville, TN
3/15 GABWA General Body Meeting: The Fashionable Esq.: Where Fashion, Social Media and the Modern Lawyer Meet Room and Board-Westside Provisions
3/21 Membership Mixer Fisher & Phillips
3/24 Sister 2 Sister Meeting Fulton County Juvenile Court 10am-12noon
3/24 The Carrie Steele-Pitts 130th Anniversary The Four Seasons Hotel
3/24 25th GAWL Annual Art Auction Nelson Mullins 6:30-9:30pm
3/28 – 3/29 Leadership Institute Women of Color Annual Leadership Conference Ritz Carlton Downtown
3/28 CASA Luncheon Cherokee Town Club-Atlanta 11am
3/29 Fifth Thursday CLE Luncheon Lawerence Hardy and Bundy
3/31 MBLC Mini Cook-Off Stewart Residence
Albany March Madness Mixer
Macon Regiong Backpack Ministry Forest Hills UMC

FEBRUARY (Black History Month)
2/1 – 2/3 ABA Midyear Meeting Vancouver, Canada
2/6 GABWA Executive Board Meeting Nelson Mullins
2/7 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting Baker Hostetler
2/7 Gate City Launch of AT Walden Civil Rights Project Georgia State University Law School (6:30pm)
2/9 Hidden Legal Figure: Conversations with the Unsung-Mike Cody-Arc of Justice Project Emory University Law School(6:30pm)
2/13 GABWA Foundation Board Meeting Baker Hostetler
2/15 Herstory Airing-Our Dynamic History Baker Hostetler
2/21 YLD Signature Service Celebration 1015 Grant Street Atlanta
2/24 Sister 2 Sister Meeting Fulton County Juvenile Court
2/25 Leadership Tea Home of Lisa Collins, 2018 Gala Chair
2/27 Justice Robert Benham Community Service Awards Ceremony SBOG


1/13 GABWA Budget Meeting Nelson Mullins Mtg Agenda Items: Commitment to Equality Awards; Budget
1/12 Gala & Auction Committee Meeting Baker Hostetler
1/14 Sister 2 Sister Meeting Fulton County Juvenile Court
1/15 MLK Day of Service Mary Hall Freedom House
1/25 2018 Officer Installation Nelson Mullins Benzo Law Nelson Mullins
1/28 GABWA/GCBA Annual Mock Interviews & Resume Review Workshop King & Spalding
1/28 Sister 2 Sister Meeting Fulton County Juvenile Court