The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Civil Pro Bono Wills Project

The Civil Pro Bono Project (“CPP”) focuses on providing legal and educational assistance to the marginalized in our society. In April 2007, the GABWA Foundation established the Civil Pro Bono Wills Project, a partnership between GABWA and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, Inc., through which GABWA members provide advanced health directives and wills to citizens of Atlanta who suffer from AIDS/HIV, cancer, and other terminal illnesses.   In June 2008, the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations (“NCWBA”) recognized the Civil Pro Bono Wills Project by awarding it their 2008 Public Service Award.   Another long-standing service of CPP is its partnership with Foreverfamily.   As part of the partnership with this outstanding organization, the GABWA Foundation provides back-to-school supplies and other assistance to the children of incarcerated parents.

Wills training occurs once per year in the Fall, usually late October or early November.  For more information on upcoming trainings for GABWA’s Wills Project, please contact DirectorAshley Palmer