The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Commitees and Section Chairs

Adria Greene
Awards & Sponsorship Chair Adria Greene
Raquel Crump
Communications Raquel Crump
Rian Banks
Community Service Chair Rian Banks
Je’Nita Lane
Inter-bar Relations Chair Je’Nita Lane
Elizabeth “Liz” Broadway Brown
Judicial Review Chair Elizabeth “Liz” Broadway Brown
Marcee L. Campbell
Judicial Review Co-Chair Marcee L. Campbell
Winter Wheeler
Legal Education Chair Winter Wheeler
Daedra Fenwick
Legal Education Daedra Fenwick
Tia Crosby
Fundraising Chair, Legal Education Chair Tia Crosby
Tori Silas Lewis
Political Action Tori Silas Lewis
Tanesha Steward
Fundraising Chair Tanesha Steward
Natasha S.L. Banks
Political Action Natasha S.L. Banks
Joycelyn Curry
Sections Chair Joycelyn Curry
Evita Gaillard
Sections Co-Chair Evita Gaillard
Jennifer L. Foster
Student Programs Chair Jennifer L. Foster
Jóna Mays
Student Programs Co-Chair Jóna Mays
Trenile Tillman
Special Events Chair Trenile Tillman
Rachel Caldwell
Special Events Chair Rachel Caldwell
Randi Warren
Gala Chair Randi Warren
Tiffany Watkins
Gala Co-Chair Tiffany Watkins
Gillian Crowl
Judicial Review, Special Events Gillian Crowl
Lauri Thomas
Auction Co-Chair Lauri Thomas
Karli Swift
JPOA Karli Swift
Judge Kenya Johnson
GABWA Fellows Institute Judge Kenya Johnson
Judge Sonja Natasha Brown
GABWA Fellows Institute Judge Sonja Natasha Brown
Tyshawn Jackson
Trial Masters Bootcamp Tyshawn Jackson
Olivia Smith
Estate Planning, Probate Chair Olivia Smith
Kristen Files
Family Law Chair Kristen Files
Janine Willis
In-house Counsel Chair Janine Willis
Karen Scott
Working Mothers Chair Karen Scott