The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

Commitees and Section Chairs

Candace Rodgers
Awards & Sponsorships Chair Candace Rodgers
Adria Greene
Awards & Sponsorships Co-Chair Adria Greene
Maria Banjo
Communications Chair Maria Banjo
Mystical Studaway
Community Service Chair Mystical Studaway
Felicia Mardehow
Community Service Co-Chair Felicia Mardehow
Marcee L. Campbell
Elections Chair / Judicial Review Co-Chair Marcee L. Campbell
Stephanie Bonner-Wiggins
Finance Chair Stephanie Bonner-Wiggins
Tiffany Watkins
Glitter Gala Chair Tiffany Watkins
Gillian Crowl
Glitter Gala Co-Chair Gillian Crowl
Tyrra Walker
Glitter Auction Co-Chair Tyrra Walker
Christy Barnes
Glitter Auction Chair Christy Barnes
Joyce Gist Lewis
Inter-Bar Relations Chair Joyce Gist Lewis
Kimberly Bourroughs Debrow
Judicial Review Chair / Gabby Connects Chair Kimberly Bourroughs Debrow
Winter Wheeler
Legal Education Chair (5th Thursday CLEs/Trial Masters) Winter Wheeler
Daedra Fenwick
Legal Education Co-Chair (5th Thursday CLEs/Trial Masters) Daedra Fenwick
Tyshawn Jackson
Legal Education Co-Chair (5th Thursday CLEs/Trial Masters) Tyshawn Jackson
Teri Fields
Legally Speaking Chair Teri Fields
Aleta McLaurin
Membership Chair Aleta McLaurin
Natasha S.L. Banks
Political Action Natasha S.L. Banks
Michelle Arrington
Political Action Michelle Arrington
Shalamar Parham
Political Action Shalamar Parham
Aklima Khondoker
Political Action Aklima Khondoker
Elicia Hargrove
Regional Development Chair Elicia Hargrove
Joycelyn Curry
Sections Chair Joycelyn Curry
Evita Gaillard
Sections Chair Evita Gaillard
Jennifer L. Foster
Student Programs Chair Jennifer L. Foster
Jóna Mays
Student Programs Chair Jóna Mays
Trenile Tillman
Special Events Chair Trenile Tillman
Rachel Caldwell
Special Events Chair Rachel Caldwell
Jacqueline Bunn
Book Club Chair Jacqueline Bunn
Tia Crosby
CLE Ad-hoc Committee Chair Tia Crosby
Judge Phinia Aten
CLE-At-Sea Chair Judge Phinia Aten
Simone Hylton
Founders Award Chair Simone Hylton
Pamela Peynado
JPOA Chair Pamela Peynado
Jacquita Parks
JPOA Chair Jacquita Parks
Dean Mecca Anderson
PDA Chair Dean Mecca Anderson
Jamie Rush
Woman-to-Woman Chair Jamie Rush
Rita Treadwell
Historical Perspectives Chair Rita Treadwell
Judge Allyson Pitts
Gabby Connects Chair Judge Allyson Pitts
Angel Riley
GABWA Scholars Program Chair Angel Riley
Judge Kenya Johnson
GABWA Scholars Program Chair Judge Kenya Johnson
Karen Pulliam
Child Protection and Child Advocacy Section Chair Karen Pulliam
Ecleynne Mercy
Criminal Law Chair / Wellness Chair Ecleynne Mercy
Bernie Lawrence-Watkins
Entertainment Law Chair Bernie Lawrence-Watkins
Olivia Smith
Estate Planning, Probate Chair Olivia Smith
Janine Willis
In-house Counsel Chair Janine Willis
Jessica McKinney
In-House Counsel Co-Chair Jessica McKinney
Shaton Menzie
Intellectual Property Chair Shaton Menzie
Charlotte Redo
Labor and Employment Chair Charlotte Redo
Karen Scott
Working Mothers Chair Karen Scott
Victoria Bethel
Young Lawyers Chair Victoria Bethel
Victoria Hicks
Young Lawyers Chair Victoria Hicks