The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve as the 38th president of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys.  I stand on the shoulders of our founders, founding members and the 37 past presidents of this organization: fueled by a desire to be change makers and chain breakers, zealous advocates, and compassionate caretakers of our justice system.  We strive to be resources for each other and the community as whole. 

The Mission: To nurture, support and galvanize the power of black women attorneys, advocate for women and children, and empower our communities.

The Tool: Our voices, our minds, and our unique positions of influence. 

This year, we will be: Reclaiming Our Crowns: Galvanized, Empowered and Exceeding Expectations. 

How do you “Reclaim Your Crown”?

  • You make excellence your standard, demanding it of yourself and of those around you.
  • You hold your head high, walking in your passion and purpose.
  • You recognize that though others may doubt you are more than “good enough”.
  • You dismiss the naysayers and welcome the motivators.
  • You invest in yourself and in service to others.

Galvanized, Empowered and Exceeding Expectations.

Galvanized.  We are “Stronger Together,” in the words of Madam Past President Tracee Benzo.

And sometimes that means we give each other tough love, with the key word being love. We are kind to each other, we are supportive, but we bring honest feedback to help each other advance to the next level.

Empowered. We are “Empowered by a Legacy of Excellence in the Profession,” in the words of Madam Past President Tori Silas.

Empowerment is intrinsic awareness of your ability to make things happen. External forces often impact whether we feel empowered or powerless, and the goal of GABWA this year will be to focus on programming that awakens our inner queens, sparking the realization that we are who we say we are: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) 

So we will kick off a new initiative billed as “Leadership GABWA”, an internal leadership program for the members of GABWA that will focus on advanced, tangible skill-building in areas such as writing, public speaking, personal branding and business development. 

GABWA is an organization known for the creation of programs that service the needs of its members and I believe it is time we developed our own advanced leadership academy. 

We will also continue building future judges and public officials with our Judicial and Public Office Academy.  We will continue planting the seeds of greatness in our young lawyers through the Professional Development Academy.  We will continue to provide timely and engaging CLE opportunities through our Fifth Thursday Lunches and our CLE-at-Sea – traveling this October to Puerto Rico and then cruising to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados.  

We will pour into our student members at our annual Blue Jeans Brunch and through active coordination and partnerships with the Black Law Student Associations at all of our Georgia law schools. 

We will remain engaged in our election and legislative processes though our political action committee.

We will continue to weigh in on judicial appointments though our judicial review committee.

We will pour into our communities through our community service committee.

We will continue to build our regions: Albany, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah and all gather in Savannah for our Regional Meeting in August. 

We will broadcast our award-winning Legally Speaking television show and publish a newsletter to be sure our members and the community are aware of the good works that GABWA is doing.

We will continue to engage our members with our practice-specific programming by way of our Sections.

We will facilitate crucial mentor-mentee relationships with our Woman 2 Woman committee.

And we will dress up and party with a purpose at our annual Glitter Gala and Auction, which benefits the amazing philanthropic initiatives and work of the GABWA Foundation: our GABWA Foundation Scholarships, our Sister2Sister Mentoring Program and our Civil Pro Bono Wills Project.

Galvanized, Empowered, and Exceeding Expectations.

Exceeding Expectations.  That is, having a realization that notwithstanding the boundaries of what you think may be possible, you can and will do more.

Working hard.

Making excellence our standard.

Walking in our passions and purpose.

Investing in ourselves and others

Being. Servant. Leaders.

We are GABWA. 

And we are Reclaiming Our Crowns.

Galvanized, Empowered and Exceeding Even Your Greatest Expectations.

I am energized and excited for what we will do together in 2019.

Yours in service to GABWA,

Liz Broadway Brown